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Despite having the best of intentions, in reality most SME businesses just don’t have the dedicated regular time, available staff, or the necessary technical skills to consistently maintain and properly develop their WordPress website(s) in-house. This can result in downtime, frustration and a loss of potential business. Having a poorly performing website, with out of date content, can put off potential clients while damaging your brand image and business reputation. That’s why you need our services and expertise! Let us take over the management of your site TODAY. You’ll be glad you did!

Simply choose one of our AFFORDABLE plans below, and we'll leap into action!
Confused about which plan to choose? Don’t worry. Contact us with your website link and we will promptly assist you. Terms & conditions apply.
Need a Customised plan? We can create and implement a website management plan specifically to your needs and to your available budget.

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By now you should have realised that our Website Management Services would indeed be of great benefit to you, but you may be hesitant to commit to a monthly standing order or subscription at this time. We understand, therefore you may be more comfortable in ‘Paying as you go’ for specific tasks, updates, fixes etc or even availing of one or our digital brand building/marketing or graphic design services, in which case we will provide you with a competitive quotation up front. All pricing is based on the levels of technical expertise required per project and on the assumed total development time to complete the job. You will then receive an invoice in the usual way.

Our website management services include:

Backend updates

All (WordPress) websites need regular backend maintenance and software updating. Our Affordable Plans cover everything from the basic essentials to advanced coding and development.

Content updates

All websites need ongoing content changes and layout adjustments. You may not have the time or skills to stay on top of those changes. We can usually do that for you within 24-48 hours.

Malware & Performance

We regularly run performance and malware scans on your website, then recommend and implement improvements. We can fix hacked websites and re-install backups quickly.

Uptime Monitoring

If your website is down for even a short time, it can negatively affect your Google ranking. We monitor your website’s uptime and will liaise with your hosting provider. We can also manage & update your shopping cart products.

Scheduled Backups

If your website is not backed up regularly, you could suffer loss of important information. Our scheduled backup services provide you with great peace of mind. (*This is an additional backup to your web hosting server one).

Regular Reporting

We will send you monthly reports outlining all of the updates and scans we have performed. In addition, we can monitor and manage your Google analytics and Adwords accounts, for a small additional fee.

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