It’s a nice aspiration, but in the real world it rarely happens in any consistent way. 90% of websites are not properly or regularly maintained by the companies who own them. Besides, most of our clients tell us that they don’t have the time (or the will) to do it properly and consistently themselves, mainly because they are juggling multiple jobs or duties at the same time, which they feel are more important. As a result, they put it on the long finger and the website (and possibly the business) suffers. They’re just too stretched! or don’t see it as a priority (until it develops a problem or disappears!).

While you may be able to do a basic update and maintain your WordPress website yourself, it is not recommended. Running an update from the WordPress admin may trigger a failure in the code which could go undetected. When the error is detected it may be weeks later and you will need to revert to an old backup (if you are running backups). An old backup means you may lose all recent changes such as posts, enquiries, sales orders etc. You are much better off leaving it to the professionals who are experts at advanced coding etc. That’s where we ( come it.

Let us take care of your WordPress website, while you take care of the rest of your business..