Terms and Conditions of business
For website management plans, we bill one month in advance, via an automated subscription payment system, usually Stripe or Paypal for a direct debit from clients bank account or designated credit card payment. In special circumstances, client can manually receive a monthly invoice and pay manually (within 7 days of receiving the invoice). We usually take the payment on the 1st of each calendar month.
▪Proofing Disclaimer
Client is solely responsible for the accuracy, correctness and legal/regulatory compliance of all copy, whether supplied by the client or by Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates or by a third party, and in particular is responsible for proof reading and signing off on final version before approving publication of said copy.
It is the clients responsibility to ensure to proof read all copy prior to supply to Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates and prior to authorising publication.etc.
▪Services included:
Note: the services included in your* monthly Web Management package are specifically relative to the Package you signed up to. The three main ‘off the shelf’ packages we provide are as follows.
– Basic Plan – 149 euro per month
– Professional Plan – 249 euro per month
– Business Plan – 349 euro per month
* Note: in certain circumstances the standard monthly price agreement may differ per client dependent on a number of factors, including if you have multiple websites managed my us or give large volumes of design or other regular business to webmanagement.ie or Artefact Ltd etc.
▪Marketing Rights:
Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates reserves the right to retain samples of materials produced for it’s clients for use in our portfolio (including online) or for use in marketing/advertising activities unless instructed otherwise by client in advance in writing and all royalty-free library images/stock shots and sound sequences may be used by Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates or by other suppliers for other projects and clients.
▪WebManagement.ie or its affiliates reserves copyright title to all goods and designs produced by it and intellectual rights to concepts and copy produced, until all relevant invoices have been paid. It is to be understood that the client does not automatically own any development files or development designs. We reserve the right to dispose of all development files after a period of 3 months.
▪Client agrees that Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates will not be held liable for any consequential loss arising for any reason from any work, data or service produced by it or from its failure for any reason to produce any material by a specific date etc.
▪Out of Pocket Expenses:
In the course of a web management, or SEO service plan, third party costs (such as the purchase of stock photography images, custom illustrations, 3rd party software purchase costs, including certain plug-in updates may arise and will be added to the invoice. Any additional work/requests requested by client that fall outside the specific actions/tasks or time within the web management or SEO plan, that client has opted for, will be invoiced in addition at our base hourly rate of 75 euro + VAT.
▪Risk Management
Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates do not, and can not under any circumstances, guarantee the elimination of risk associated with the hacking or security of websites we manage or build. Security in WordPress (or other web/hosting platforms we may use) is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren’t taken, and even that cannot guarantee to eliminate all security risks. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the website or email etc hosting company they choose to use has adequate risk management processes in place.  Webmanagement.ie and its affiliates use independent, third party website hosting and email hosting/management companies and cannot guarantee or stand over the security or risk management processes that they have in place. It is to be understood that Security is not an absolute, it’s a continuous process and should be managed as such. Security is about risk reduction, not risk elimination, and risk will never be zero. Security also transcends the WordPress (or other web) applications. It’s as much about securing and hardening your local environment, online behaviours and internal processes, as it is physically tuning and configuring your installation.
▪Third Party Contractors:
From time to time or for particular projects, Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates may hire/commission/partner with select third party contractors, including web developers, SEO experts, hosting companies, graphic designers designers or other specialists. In these circumstance we may authorise the third party contractor to liaise directly with Web Management.ie or its affiliate and clients on certain aspects of a given task/project. It may be the case (but not usually) that it will be the third party contractor that will ultimately bill/invoice Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates client directly for the project work (or part therof). It is to be understood that in these cases it is the third party contractor that is responsible for the quality of the service/product NOT Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates. A separate copy of the third party contractor contract may apply and may be sent to client for signed approval in advance of commencing the project.
▪Back up Files Disclaimer:
It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they create regular backups of all project documents including website hosting files from their chosen hosting company and to ensure that they back up any relevant files and/or full backups of their website(s). Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates accepts no liability other than to refund amounts that we charge for the (creative) services that we provide. Having your important files in two places increases the likelihood that your files will be recoverable in at least one of them. However, there is still a possibility that the files can be lost or destroyed at both places at the same time. The risk of that happening is entirely on the client. Client or their representative is responsible for purchasing any insurance coverage to protect their business or personal information against such loss. This is not included in our price estimates. As part of our website management plans client may be entitled for certain website files (usually front end files) to be arranged to be backed up by Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates or by one of its third party partners/contractors including a ‘cloud based’ backup system. We do not guarantee to back up highly sensitive or personal details from your website (in line with GDPR), including data bases or back end modules. Website backups we manage are generally only basic front end html pages from FTP files. We back up website files to either a third party hosting company or on local backup hard disks.  It is to be understood that client uses Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates arranged website backup facilities entirely at your own risk. 
Important: it is our policy to delete all backup files from our/partnered back up systems, usually after a period of 60 days. The recreation of said files or artworks, should they be required after that period, may incur additional costs to remake.
We take the confidentiality of our client’s information very seriously. Our client relationships are based on trust, which we greatly value.  It is often necessary for clients to disclose confidential information (and vice versa) to facilitate the work on a given project. We are very aware and exceptionally careful to safeguard any confidential information given to us as best we can, but cannot guarantee that that information could not be hacked or stolen from our systems from unscrupulous spyware or by other means unknown to us.
▪Webmanagement.ie or its affiliates reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Webmanagement.ie is a subsidiary business and domain owned by Artefact Ltd created to specialise in managing, maintaining client websites and to provide supportive digital marketing services including SEO.
Updated: 05/05/20