Affordable and Professional Website Management Plans

Affordable and Professional Website Management Plans. Web site analysis, malware & performance scans, monitoring, scheduled backups & more. Get the best web maintenance, monitoring & support services. Our monthly website maintenance packages will give you peace of mind. We also design and develop great performing websites. Looking for SEO monthly management?... we can do that too. What are you waiting for?

Why Choose Us?

Today, your website is of vital importance to your business and it must be properly managed or your business image/revenue may suffer. To avoid potential problems, the smart thing to do is to avail of one of our affordable monthly Website Care Plans TODAY. Give yourself not only peace of mind, but the necessary time to focus on running and growing your business.
Can you afford to lose your website? Are you doing enough to keep your website healthy, up to date & protected from viruses/hackers? The reality is that most companies just don't have the dedicated time, available staff, or advanced/coding skills to properly manage it consistently in-house.
Your website needs continuous monitoring, regular maintenance and ongoing improvements so that it can give optimum performance. It is often the first port of call for prospective customers. In a worse case scenario, someone should be there to *restore your website from a clean, latest backup copy.
Still undecided? Here are 8 more reasons to help you make the smart decision:
1. Our developers, technical team and partners have 7+ years of experience developing and managing websites.
2. Cost of hiring our designers, developers, and technical experts is 1/3rd the cost of having somebody in your office full time.
3. No infrastructure cost to you. No legal compliance, No medical, insurance, Govt Tax, No parking cost to you.
4. Backup developers are always available in case of any leave. So your work never stops.
5. We provide regular reports and are available to speak with on the phone office hours.
6. You can scale your business easily by adding more resources within a matter of minutes.
7. Our website management and SEO plans are affordable and effective and can be tailored to your monthly budget.
8. You get all the experience and technologies without investing on additional salaries, infrastructure or govt compliances.

Our Web Management Services include:

WordPress (&html) Updates
All WordPress (& html) websites need updating from time to time. All our plans are included with updating service for core WordPress files and the plugins that your website is using.
Website Updates
Most of the websites needs minor changes and adjustments every now and then. You may find it difficult or have no time to make those changes. We can usually do that for you within 24-48 hours.
Malware & Performance Scans
We run periodical checks on malware and do performance scans on your website(s) to guide you on the improvements. As an add-on service, we also fix hacked websites with additional fee.
Uptime Monitoring
Frequent down time of your website hampers your business as well as search engine rankings. We closely keep watch on your website's uptime and act fast when necessary. We can also manage & update your shopping cart products.
Scheduled Backups
Get a priceless peace of mind with our scheduled backups service on weekly or monthly basis for all your website files and complete (WordPress) database. (*This is an additional backup to the one your web hosting company should be providing.)
Regular Reporting
We will send you periodical reports consisting of the updates and scans we have performed within the contract period. Separately we can monitor and manage Google analytics for you for a small additional fee.

Website Redesign & Revamp

Monthly Web Management Plans

Subscription fees will be charged one month in advance. Plans are priced based on a 12 month period.


Confused about which plan to choose? Don’t worry. Contact us with your website link and we will promptly assist you.

NEED EVEN MORE?.. Let us create a tailored website management plan that incorporates all of your monthly needs.

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