There are many valid reasons why you should invest in a professional WordPress maintenance/management service from

Unfortunately, it is more often the case that business owners ignore the regular maintenance and upkeep of their website after it has been built, tending to other aspects of their business that they feel is more urgent or more important, usually a big mistake!

Simply put, the top 5 reasons for investing in a professional WordPress Maintenance plan are as follows:

  1. Malware and Hackers
    Malware, Hackers and destructive robots are rife on the internet. Their primary goal is to find weaknesses in websites, particularly those with little or no security. WordPress websites that are not updated regularly in terms of outdated plugins, firewalls and WordPress versions are an easy target for these hackers and viruses. They can not only critically damage your website, but having a site riddled with malware will put off prospective clients and send the wrong message to your client base. You could also lose valuable information, plus the cost of a developer to fix the site or, in worst case scenarios, re-make it from scratch!

  2. Backups
    If you don’t regularly back up your website, you run the risk of losing months or years of work. You may also lose valuable personal, or client information and other data loss. Even things like power failure, server problems, not to mention human error can result in devastating loss of data on your website. Therefore, you always need to have a backup of a very recent copy to minimise this, both at the server and in a separate place like a cloud storage or external disk.

  3. Performance & User Experience
    A poorly maintained website usually results in a poor user experience. Users like to see a fully functioning, dynamic and up to date site that is fast to load on PC and mobile and that last up to date content. The last thing they want to see are broken links, ancient copy or 404 errors. The perception of your business is everything and prospects tend to go to your website first, before they contact you directly. A bad website makes a bad impression, fact.

  4. Brand reputation/downtime management.
    The relatively small cost of a professional monthly website maintenance plan gives you not only a healthy, fully functioning and up to date website, but it also gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that it projects the right image to your customers and prospects alike. In fact, the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged website can cost you an arm and a leg, not to mention embarrassment when our site shows an error or is down. Website maintenance is an investment not a cost.

  5. Improves SEO
    A properly maintained website, with regular updates and fresh content improves SEO performance – how you site ranks on google and other browsers and improves the overall visibility of your business online. The opposite is true if it is not professionally maintained. In short, having a professionally maintained website will help drive more traffic to your business and therefore help increase sales and grow your client base.

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